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Our Process

The Process

When coming to our location, we highly recommend that you bring along with you a sample of your cabinet door, tile and/or a color palate that you are working with. This will allow our designers see what they are working with, and help you select the best stone for your project.  Also come with a drawing the countertop space, showing the general dimensions of the cabinets. Depicting where walls are would also be helpful, allowing us to see which edges will be exposed and therefore, need to be polished. At this point, if you know the material you want, the edge detail and the backsplash type. This will allow us to price out your project on the spot, based on your measurements.  During this visit, we will go over our selection of natural stone and Quartz in our showroom as well as walk you through our granite slab selections both inside and outside.

Choosing Your Material

Our showroom showcases a large variety of quartz and granite to choose from -inside our facility and outside the stone yard to choose from, you will have no problem in finding a stone that will create the kitchen of your dreams. With trained professionals who have years of experience in kitchen design, we will work side by side with you to help you choose the best granite or quartz for your cabinets, taking into consideration the cabinet colors, wall colors and flooring to find the right stone for you.

Templating and Placing the order

Templates give us the pattern for what the finished product will be. To ensure precision, we use a digital templater system that works with our CNC machinery. The digital template will take about 1-2 hours to make, depending on how large the project is.

It is essential that all cabinets be set and secure and all end panels and/or trim panels be installed. At the time of templating, we will need to have the sink available (if you are using your own sink) and stove or cooktop information on. 

All of the appliances in the kitchen need to be on location. That includes the stove, dishwasher, refrigerator, etc.

If there are existing countertops in place, they do not need to be removed in order for measuring/template to take place.

The final price will be calculated based the actual measurements on the jobsite. Once the template is done, you are more than welcome to schedule a layout to determine what parts of the stone are being used and fabricated, and also you are more than welcome to also come it to position your template onto the slab to determine which specific parts of the slabs you would like to be used as your tops.


Fabrication and completion of the countertop typically takes about 1 week from the time we come out to measure/template your tops. We use the most proficient computer CNC technology in fabrication of the tops.


Most installations are finished within one day. A standard 4" backsplash can be installed at this time as well. If a full backsplash is being used, we will measure for it at the time of installation and return another day to install the backsplash. Once all of the counter tops and backsplash have been installed, we will finish the seams (if applicable) and caulk underneath the stone at the cabinets as well as install the sink.

For remodel installations, the existing counter tops will have to be removed. In some instances, a customer will wish to keep their existing tile backsplash. In this event, there will be a gap between the existing splash and the new counter top. Laminate counter tops are usually 1 1/2" thick while 3cm granite is 1 1/4" thick. We cannot safely shim the 1/4" distance. A 1/4" piece of filler can be installed by the homeowner along the entire surface area of the cabinetry.

Seams are an inevitable part of many granite counter top installations. Classic Granite and Marble LLC., takes great care in minimizing seam appearance; however, we cannot make them disappear. 

Care and Maintenance

Your new granite counter tops are sealed prior to installation. While the sealer won't make the stone stain proof, it will provide you with extra time to clean up whatever you spill on the counter top. Acidic foods are the worst offenders. Don't use any gritty, abrasive or acidic cleaning products either, such as a vinegar-based window cleaner. Simply wipe up a spill with a wet sponge or cotton rag right away. You may use warm, soapy water to clean your counter top on a daily basis. Follow up with a dry towel to help eliminate streaking and soap residue build-up. If you prefer, we also offer a product available for purchase specifically for your counter top that will help maintain the luster and sealant.

There is no standard length of time between sealer applications. Generally, when water no longer beads on the surface, it's time to reseal. This can easily be accomplished by simply mopping the sealer on the surface with a white cloth rag, letting it soak into the stone for a short period of time, then wiping the excess off with a clean, dry, white cloth rag. We would be happy to direct you to a proper product to use.