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  • Your granite countertop will resist stains and daily use better if you seal it regularly.
  • Sealer penetrates the surface of the granite helping the stone resist stains; it does not add shine.
  • Apply sealer once per year to granite (polished, honed or leathered surfaces) and every six months to marble. Generally, when water no longer beads on the surface, it's time to reseal.
  • Some sealers are water-based and others are solvent-based. Either way, be sure to select a penetrating sealer that is rated to protect your countertop for several years. Though most high-quality sealers protect your counter for several years, natural stone experts recommend sealing every year.
  • How to Apply Sealer
    • Clean and dry your countertops thoroughly as described on our Cleaning page.
    • Apply sealer according to bottle instructions, including waiting the recommended amount of time before wiping your countertops off.
    • Don’t forget to apply sealer along the edge around your under mount sink.